Suzhou Creek delight

(City Weekend)
Updated: 2007-05-11 13:37

A tiny sign points to an alley that leads to the revived flour factory-turned-art venue housing Creek Kitchen. Original Qing Dynasty furniture sit on a backdrop of bare brick walls and hardwood floors, and candlelit windows frame a striking cityscape of Suzhou Creek.

In the sparkling, wholly-modern kitchen, quality ingredients, skilled execution, and pleasing presentation make for down-to-earth fare that resonates.

Handmade fettuc-cine prosciutto di parma (RMB68) had tomato and cream clinging to a toothsome, dense noodle. Thin blue cheese pizza (RMB68), also done by hand, was a doughy yet crunchy mouthful. Osso buco with risotto (RMB168) boasted a tender, flavorful bite.

Dinner was such a charming affair that we're chalking up the sometimes uneven seasoning to kinks all newly-re-opened eateries have to work out. More nights should be like this.

Add: 6/F Creek Art, behind 423 Guangfu Lu
Tel: 021-63804150


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