Innovative weddings go this far

Updated: 2007-05-10 09:43

"Are you a freshman, too? What's your field of study?" said a young man to a young women, but the scene did not happen on campus. Instead, it was in the hall of a wedding ceremony, when the young couple, Miss Zhao and Mr. Wang, performed their romantic first meeting in college in the form of a stage comedy.

Zhao and Wang's was a typical innovative wedding ceremony, which is very fashionable in Shanghai nowadays, as they wish to make their weddings unique and unforgettable. ĦĦĦĦThough Zhao and Wang were classmates. Wang said that he had fallen in love with Zhao at first sight. However, not until graduation, was he "brave" enough to propose to her.

"This is our romance, our sweet memory, which belongs to no others," said Wang.

Sometimes, newlyweds in China are asked to tell their love story at their wedding ceremonies. Thus Wang and Zhao decided to tell their romance in a particular way, a stage comedy.

In fact, innovative weddings are innovative because their themes always change. For example, a large number of butterflies were often released to create a rosy and romantic scene at weddings last year, but not many people will choose this in 2007.

Earlier this year, when the new episode of "007" movies, Casino Royale, was released in China, two newlywed couples chose to perform a "007 show" at their weddings. First, the bride hid behind a white screen, and a spotlight was used to imitate the opening scene of the movie. Then suddenly, the bride jumped out, and "shot" the bridegroom with a "gun" made of a bunch of flower. The bridegroom fell at the "bang", signifying that he was shot by a bullet of love.


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