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Updated: 2007-05-05 09:26

Jumping Stilts

Various activities you can do when wearing these stilts.
The Hong Kong soap Have a Date with Vampires talks about romantic stories between vampires and people. In Chinese stories, vampires jump around - but they never bend their knees. This is similar to stilt jumping. Players keep their bodies straight to keep balance.

Stilt jumping is a relatively new sport. To play, people step on a pair of stilts equipped with springsand then they jump. As they land on the ground, they will quickly bounce back up again because of the springs on the stilts. If they bend knees and push hard downward, they will be rebounded even higher. When players become proficient in stilt jumping, they can even wear them playing basketball!

Playing tips

1. Every pair of stilts has weight limits, so use stilts suited to your weight.
2. Check the stilts to make sure they are secure before getting on them.
3. Stilt jumping is similar to skateboarding in that you should wear the proper padding like a helmet, knee pads and gloves.
4. Do stilt jumping outdoors and choose a flat and hard area.
5. Find someone to watch you, because it's rather difficult for beginners to stand up again by themselves when they fall over with stilts on.

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Uno poker

Uno cards.
This new poker game has replaced Mafia as one of the most popular games among office workers. Do you remember the mystery horror Hong Kong movie Tianhei Qingbiyan (Close your eyes as it gets dark)? You never know what might happen when you play Uno poker.

The cards in Uno poker are divided into two kinds: the ordinary cards and the function cards. The ordinary cards are divided into four categories by color. The player who manages to get rid of his cards first is the winner.

Players reveal their cards one by one. They can either get rid of their cards if it is the same color as the last card left by the previous player, or use a function card to prevent a particular player from getting rid of his cards. When a player has only one card left at hand, he must call out "UNO" to let other players know he has only one card left. If he fails to give out this signal, then he will be punished when other players find out. When a player finishes his cards, the rest of the players calculate the point value of the cards left in their hands. The one who scores the highest is the loser.

Playing tips

1 Different Uno poker card decks vary in the function of function cards. So read the instructions carefully in the Uno poker you use.
2 There is no maximum players limit. The more players, the more fun.

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