Stay at home to have fun!

Updated: 2007-05-05 09:26

The Golden Week means more people and more traffic on the streets, so a good way to relax is to stay at home. You can invite your friends over to play some games and the following are a few suggestions:


How close can it be when playing Twister?
There's a Sex and the City episode where Carrie plays Twister with a guy and the two ended up in bed. Or what about the scene in Friends where four of them play Twister and Joe is distracted by Phoebe's sexy hip.

Twister is a popular game among young people in North America. In the game, the players get in close body contact with each other.

Players play on a big plastic sheet that has several rows of coloured dots. Then a judge spins the dial to see what colour spot they should touch, and whether it should be their hands or feet. Players who lose their balance are out of the game. The one who stays on to the end is the winner.

Playing tips

1 Two to four players are the best.
2 Intimate body contacts are necessary when playing this game. So girls should dress in pants and shirts.
3 Those who have stiff muscles and tendons had better do warm up exercises before playing the game¡­ you might be stuck in an awkward pose!  

Where to get it?


Gostop cards.
In the Korean soap opera Full House, Song Hye Kyo wins favor from her
boyfriend's granny by playing Gostop with her. Another television drama called My Name Is Kim Sam-sun? where Kim Sam-sun plays Gostop against her rival to win her man

It's a popular poker game in South Korea. There are 48 cards divided into 12 categories. Different cards have different scores. The player who scores the most wins.

When playing, 21 cards are distributed to three players, 7 for each. Another 6 cards are set aside as referring cards. The rest are left in the stack.

The three players reveal their cards one and one. If one has a a card in the same category as one of the referring cards, then he takes this card out and gets the scores of both the referring card and his own card. If he doesn't have a card in the same category as the referring cards, then he may get rid of any of the cards he is holding , and is also allowed to take one card from the deposit to see whether this card matches any of the referring cards. If it does match, he gets the scores of both the referring card and the card from deposit. If the cards still don't match, then he loses the opportunity to score in this round. Then it's next player's turn to reveal his cards. This continues until one of the players scoring 30 points, then he calls out STOP or GO to decide whether or not to continue this game.

Playing tips

1 This poker game requires at least three players.
2 The best part about playing Gostop is hearing the sound of the cards when they fall on each other. So wield your arms and smack your card heavily upon the previous card in a dramatic fashion.
3 The way to calculate points is rather complicated. So study the scoring rules carefully before playing.

Where to get it?



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