Save shroom for soup

Updated: 2007-04-28 09:32

Epicure Hot Pot Restaurant offers the traditional meal of its title in a romantic and relaxed environment. The restaurant uses a beautiful red peony as its logo. Its modern and fashionable decor features soft lighting, golden decorative bamboo, and a combination of golden and purple colors.

The restaurant has made obvious effort in presenting its three special sesame sauces: the little sweet Pin sauce , the more tasty Gui sauce , with the fragrance of coffee, and the traditional, salty Jing sauce , with a strong sesame flavor.

Each customer is served with an individual stainless steel hot pot. The restaurant provides a plain-style pot in the public area, and a sleek, shining pot in private rooms.

The mutton is said to be transported from Xilingol League at Inner Mongolia, known for its quality mutton.

At the back of the menu are some high-level products from grain-fed beef ribs marble rib-eye, which costs from 198 yuan for 120 grams, to 688 yuan for 200 grams. Goose liver, spotted grouper, lobster , and sea cucumber are other gourmet options.

More ordinary choices include seafood such as scallop, mashed shrimp, mashed fish, shrimp balls and squid balls.

Choose from seven types of mushrooms, as well as plenty of vegetables. Base soups include beef broth or fungus soup . The mushroom soup is particularly tasty.

Average spending is 90 yuan. Menu is in Chinese.

Epicure Hot Pot Restaurant

Opening time: 11am-10pm.
Address:2/F Business section, to the west of Dongfang Ruijing Mansion, 16 Jianwai Dajie, Chaoyang District.


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