Play hide and seek with summer sunshine

Updated: 2007-04-25 09:28

Play hide and seek with summer sunshineThe sun emits the strongest rays during the summer, so it goes without saying you need to wear proper protection from harmful ultraviolet, or UV rays. Too much sun can damage your skin, resulting in wrinkles, painful sunburns, or even skin cancer. Most women don't like to tan and so they need effective ways to keep their skin fair. Here are some tips to protect your skin:

Play hide and seek with summer sunshine Before 9am

The summer sunshine feels the most comfortable in the morning until 9am. Take advantage of it by getting up early and doing morning exercise in the sun. Scientists say if you go outdoors before 8am you don't have to wear sunscreen, as the ultraviolet ray radiation before 8am is rather weak. But after 8am, sunscreen is a must.

Sunscreen should be applied half an hour before going outdoors. And what sunscreen you use depends on your skin tone and your outdoor activities. A sunscreen with a SPF 8-12 may be fine for ordinary skin, but light sensitive skin requires a SPF of 12-20. Ivory skin should use sunscreen of over SPF 30.

When it comes to activities, SPF 15 is enough for staying inside office buildings, while outdoor activities require over SPF 30 and seaside activities will need water-proof sunscreen.

Play hide and seek with summer sunshine From 9am to 3pm

Play hide and seek with summer sunshineThe period between 9am and 3pm is when the strongest ultraviolet ray radiation occurs, so it's best to stay indoors if possible. But if you need to go outside, clothing can also help you avoid UV rays.

Pure cotton has a SPF value of as much as 15-40, then it comes polyester light color clothes and the last is knitted and light-coloured clothes.

While having lunch, avoid light-sensitive food, which can cause freckles. Such foods include caraway, leek, white turnip as well as soy sauce. By contrast, some other food contains certain sun-screen elements that can help you fight against UV rays. They are white gourd, cauliflower, eel and strawberry.

The more time you spend in the sun working up a sweat, be sure to reapply sunscreen periodically. For oily skin, attention should be paid to the T-zone area and use oil absorbent pads to take away the extra oil on the skin before applying sunscreen. For dry skin, put some moisturizer on first.

Play hide and seek with summer sunshine After 6pm

When the sun sets after 6pm, it's time to go out and play sports like basketball, badminton, and tennis. Because these are intense sports, you may need to do some nighttime repair work on your hair as well as your face.

Hair becomes particularly fragile in summer due to the increased secretion of sebum and sweat, so it requires special care. Avoid using shampoos containing ethanol or formaldehyde, and use those moisturizing ones containing mint. Moreover, these shampoos should have a Keratin Protector Factor (KPF), indicating the degree to which the scalp is protected, above a KPF 2.

To help alleviate your facial skin from the sun's rays, a tomato juice mask is a nice recipe. Dip a cotton facial pad into tomato juice, apply it to your face and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. This can help lighten the newly grown freckles. It's economical and effective.

Edited by: Alice Yang



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