1/3 scale childhood

By Gan Tian (Beijing today)
Updated: 2007-04-24 10:24

Toys are magical things: they remind us of how happy our childhood was, and how much it is troublesome to be an adult. This page is devoted to reminding you of those better years, and to give me a chance to talk about my childhood - yeah, I hope I make all of you jealous.

By Gan Tian

In this little shop, I found a black, pretty octopus hanging above the door. Some people think octopuses are ugly, but I don't agree - and the owner Liu certainly wouldn't eir!

"Our shop sells only the 1/6-scale model soldier figurines. These soldiers are one of the most popular hobbies from abroad. I have a lot of sources for my products. Some of these figurines have less than 10 copies aailable worldwide!" Liu says, proudly.Eavesdropping on Liu and one of her customers, I hear her say, "I guess it costs 6,000 yuan, or more. If you really love this one, I¡¯ll try to get it as soon as I can." Yes, herttle figures cost at least 300 yuan each. For some of the more limited productions, even 1,000 yuan is on the low side.

"I know they are very expensive, but some of the customers are in here buying frequently. Iguess this an expensive hobby ¨C it's just for those people with money to burn,¡± she jokeAs I stared at those little figures, I knew there¡¯s no way I would ever spend so much money for something so small. But apparenly, there are a lot of people more willing to part with their paychecks than I am. Yes, there are people who chase after their dreams forever, even after they "grow up.At least someone has the money to burn.

Beijing 8 Feet Hobby Shop

Where: West side of No 1 Jinsong Middle School, Section A of Jinsong (Jinsong Yiqu), Chaoyang
Opening hours: 11 am - 8 pm
Tel: 130 1189 6940


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