Make yourself an "S" plan!

Updated: 2007-04-18 10:43

Make yourself an What is "S" Plan? If you don't know the "coined word," you are dropped behind. Reflecting a series of new ideas towards health, "S" Plan, the new trend in 2007's healthy project, is composed of several words with "S" as initial letter.. Following this plan, you'll become healthier in both body and mind.

Make yourself an Sleep better

Sleeping is very important in our daily life. Good sleep means a good beginning next day. That's why sleeping is considered as the first step among all "S" steps. To get the aim, you'd better give up bad living habits like smoking and overdrinking, and do more excise, such as Yoga and Pilates to relax yourself.

Make yourself an Be strong in both mind and better

The word strong here dose not mean a powerful body only, it also refers to a strong personality. Today, no matter you are male or female, you have to undertake lots of pressures. So in 2007, you have to be a strong person to adapt the busy modern city.

Become slim
How to become slim has always been a hot topic among office ladies. However, here"slim" doesn't mean bony but refers to a kind of fit shape. We all know that obesity arouses many diseases, while too bony causes health problems as well. So, do some exercises to become slim and keep yourself healthy.

Make yourself an Smile confidently

Smile is a good way to release your pressure and get more confidences.

Make yourself an Have a sunny heart

Psychological health problem has arisen. Many people want to know how to get rid of the gloomy mood and have a sunny heart. There are lots of ways, such as going out with friends, taking a short trip, having a get-together with your family. Sometimes, even a small thing, such as a flower can light your up!

Make yourself an Smart adds your charms

It is said that girls who are praised beautiful are because they are smart and intelligent. As time goes, this concept has been approved by more and more people. No matter you're male or female, learning as much as you can, grasping as many skills as you can. Knowledge makes you more attractive.

Edited by KK Zhao


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