Small things make you happy

Updated: 2007-04-06 09:15

Living in modern society brings anxious, usually coming from work and life both. Sometimes even little things make us upset. How to deal with the worries and realx ourselves? Here are some advices which may help and add happy elements our life.

1. Take pictures everyday

Taking photos to record your daily life is a good way to make you feel happy. According to psychologists the pictures may remind you of those happy memories.

2. Cry out

When feel sad, some prefer to hide their emotions. Actually, crying out will partially release your pressures and sadness...

3. Rest at weekends

Weekends are time for rest. But some people, especially women, spend whole weekend on housework, which brings more fatigue. After a week's working, weekends are best time for relaxation. Having a nice lie-in is a good idea.

4. Blog your life

Blog is the abbreviation of Web log, which means write online diary. It's very popular nowadays. You can write down all that you want to say. That's a great method to relieve tensions..

5. Enjoy a feast

Usually, most ladies choose simple and lite foods to keep slim. While sometimes, when feel upset, indulging yourself with a feast. Eating tasty foods makes people feel good.

6. Join more activities

Having a get-together is a great enjoyment to relax. Going out with friends for a drink going for a picnic or having a party, you will have fun..

7. Go for swimming or running 

Taking long time swimming or running make you feel exhausting. For that reason, it makes forget everything temporarily and brings good sleep.

8. Sing while taking shower

Some people like singing while taking shower. They don't care how well they're singing. It's a just a way to relax. Have a try, you are the only audience.

9. Throw away lonely nights

Don't lock yourself at home after work. Have dinner with friends, or go out for some fresh air. You won't feel lonely.

10. Smile to yourself

Every morning, before going out for work, look at the mirror and smile to yourself, which may bring more confidence.

Edited by KK Zhao


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