Delicacies from minorities

Updated: 2007-03-09 09:35

There are 55 minorities in all in China, which have their own cultures and life styles.
Things we talk most frequently are their delicacies made by unique methods, especially the household foods from southern minorities, they are very popular among Beijing and Shanghai, two China's big cities. Do you know where are those delicacies hiding?

Yi Ethnic Minority

Yi people like prepare big meals during the holidays and festivals. They usually put all attentions on their "Yi New Year" dinner. This is why their traditional foods are yummy and attractive. The reprehensive dishes of Yi food are Tuotuo Meat (salted meat), Mutton Sweetbread Soup, and Qiaoba (Baked buckwheat Pancak)

Delicacies from minorities

Recommended Restaurants

Xiejiaoxiang Yunnan Tusi Restaurant

The most famous food here is the black goat meat which is transported from Yunnan, which tastes fresh and tender. Besides, the household preserved ham also worth trying.

Address: To the west of Shuangjing Bridge, Xingguang Avenue, East Three Ring Road, Beijing
Tel: 010-58768897

Yi Huang Yan

This restaurant is located in the Shanghai Botanical Garden, where there are trees and flowers all around. From buckwheat pancake to preserved ham, the foods here are all made in traditional way.

Address: No. 1111, Longwu Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai

Miao Ethnic Minority

Miao group likes eating something sour. The special sour soup is a necessary for every Miao family.

Recommended restaurants

Gui Zhou Luoluo Sour Soup Fish

Just as its name implies, the main cuisine here is fish cooked in sour soup. Diners may enjoy the authentic Miao sour-soup-made dishes which are very special. Besides, you won't miss the Sour Radish with Fried Rice and rice tofu.

Address: No. 186, Dongzhimen Nei Avenue, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Tel: 010-64051717

Xi Xiang Ji

The dishes here are so delicious that you'll get refreshed after the meal. Because of the limited space, you'd better call to order seats ahead of time.

Address: No 573, Jianhe Road, Shanghai
Tel: 021-52199070

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