Cave-like club

(That's Shanghai )
Updated: 2007-02-14 09:16

Look agape at the extensive and showy exterior, and pass through the entrance (if you dare). Inside, you'll find a small, cave-like club complete with what look like (flashing) barnacled walls.

Seating is arranged around, and directed towards, the focal point of the dance floor and DJ's altar, which leaves no spaces to hide. 021 Magenta is suited for lounging, playing dice and small-scale socializing rather than epic partying. Despite the over-abundant and polite staff, it remains a struggle to order drinks, especially if your Chinese lessons have fallen by the wayside. What's more, the prices for these coveted cocktails are fairly expensive. Best to wait for Friday night when they host an open bar from 9pm to 1am, RMB 100 for gents and RMB 40 for ladies. For those who think they are hot enough, there are the egregiously sexiest 'lady' and 'best dancer' competitions on Saturday nights.

021 magenta
Address: Daily 9pm-3am. All cards. 1165 Jiangning Lu, by Changhua Lu
Tel: 021-5180 9879, 5180 9898


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