Lovers of 'Era'

(shanghai daily)
Updated: 2007-02-14 08:50

The multimedia spectacular "Era" plans a special Valentine's night for lovers who can declare their devotion on a giant wall. And if they marry within a year, they will receive surprise gifts, writes Xu Wei.

"Era - Intersection of Time" holds a special Valentine's night for lovers at Shanghai Circus World.People who buy tickets for "Era" can receive chocolate gifts. The cast also invites the city's lovers to write their names and personal feelings on a giant "lovers' wall." "Era" will offer surprise presents to those lovers who get married within one year.

Ever since it premiered in September 2005, the daily show, which blends traditional Chinese acrobatics with Western high-tech stage elements, has taken in 50 million yuan (US$6.25 million) from more than 500 performances. Around 400,000 people have watched the show.

Canadian director Eric Villeneuve said he is improving the show's details to add glamour. "It is not a movie," Villeneuve says. "It is a live show. People will see differences even if they have already watched it before."

Villeneuve and producers said they are considering touring Western countries this year.

"If we tour the show, we will not only elevate its techniques, but also preserve its soul," Villeneuve says. "Foreigners are so curious about China and its culture."

"Era" has released a CD that contains the original score and the romantic English theme, "Forever."

Michel Cusson, a renowned guitarist and composer who supports different scenes, was inspired by the charm of traditional Chinese instruments.

The original music is played by a Chinese flute, violin-like urheen and a modern electric band.

At the fashion hub Xintiandi, lovers dining in the cozy enclave of Pizza Marzano will receive special gifts on that memorable evening - a violin duo will play for patrons.

Besides, a string quartet strolling around Xintiandi's North Block Square and South Block Piazza will encourage couples to dance to romantic melodies. Instant photos and roses will be given to them as mementos.

"Era" Valentine's show

Date: February 14, 7:15pm
Address: 2266 Gonghexin Rd
Tickets: 520 yuan per couple
Tel: 021-962-388, 6448-0898

Xintiandi Valentine's celebration

Date: February 14, 6-11pm
Tel: 021-6386-1818, 6249-0150