Love dance

(Beijing Weekend)
Updated: 2007-02-13 09:14

Love danceJing Meng (startling dream)-Peony Pavilion, a modern dance will make its premiere at Valentine's Day.

Brought by the Wang Yuanyuan Dance Studio, the performance is adapted from the masterpiece of Kun Opera Peony Pavilion written by Tang Xianzu, a dramatist of the Ming Dynasty. It narrates a romantic story where Du Liniang dies and is reborn for love. After 400 years, Peony Pavilion rises from the dust of history, crosses time and space, and is resurrected in a contemporary love story.

Liniang's spirit, which traverses life and death in her dream, pursues her search for love and desire in the modern dance.

Jing Meng 
Date/Time: 7:30pm, Feb 14-24.
Location: Beiqing Yingzhibao Theater, 2 Lize Donger Lu, Chaoyang District.
Ticket: 200-300 yuan.
Tel: 010-85891240/64398559.