Jazz up your life

Updated: 2007-02-08 17:37

One of the highlights of the day for many is relaxing in a bar after work, especially a jazz bar. Having a drink and listening to jazz can help melt away stress and refresh your depleted energy supply. But recently, more and more bars are converting into boisterous pubs, and it's getting harder to find a quiet place to listen to some jazz. With this in mind, Citylife has put together a list of bars to help you jazz up your life.


CD Jazz Cafe Club

CD Jazz Club was one of the first jazz clubs in Beijing, and is the first choice for many a jazz lover. It has professional entertainment facilities and excellent live jazz performances.

Address: No. 16 Nongzhanguan Road, Dongsanhuan
Tel: 010-6506-8288

Jazz- Ya

Like the CD Jazz Club, Jazz- Ya is also one of the first jazz bars in Beijing. The music at Jazz-Ya speaks for itself, and the atmosphere is a mix of Japanese cuisine and service and western design. There are also cartoon books on display for customer perusal.

Address: No. 18 Bar Street, Sanlitun, Chaoyang District
Tel: 010-64151227

Tulanduo Music Cafe Bar

This bar not only has great jazz, but delicious cafe food. Guests can order their favorite jazz music and read free music magazines.

Address: Jia No. 25, Dongsishitiao, Dongcheng District
Tel: 010-64059399

Gelansilan Bar

During the day, it is a western fast food eatery, but after 20:00 it becomes a music bar. From Monday to Thursday Gelansilan Bar spins up western pop, but on weekends, jazz.

Address: B1, Donghuan Square, Dongzhong Avenue, Dongcheng District
Tel: 010-64181812

Buda Bar

Buda Bar isn't a big bar, but it's comfortably decorated with antiques and handmade items that provide a perfect atmosphere for listening to jazz.

Address: No. 2, Yingding Bridge, Houhai Area


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