Aba County - the sacred land

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Eating in Aba County:

Aba offers the most original and typical food of Tibetan people. Boiled Yak with Chili, Tibetan steamed stuffed bun, butter tea, Juoma with Raisin and Rice are all available in most restaurants.

Chinese Islamic cuisine is also sold in small restaurants in Aba County.

But if you cannot get used to these ethnic cuisines, closer to the long distance bus station you will find more typical Sichuan cuisine on offer.

Aba County - the sacred land

Living in Aba County:

There are about 40 home inns and hotels at different price levels in Aba County. The prices for accommodation are arranged from 20 yuan to 200 yuan per night. Small sized and privately-run home inns are always the first choices for backpackers.

Usually, a double room in a small home inn costs 30 to 40 yuan. But if you visit Aba during the peak season (this mainly refers to summer vacations and the two golden weeks), a standard double room with wash room in the downtown area will cost 50 yuan per night.

The only inconvenient thing in Aba County is that the water is in short supply. Hence, the water is usually supplied over a certain period of time.

Major festivals in Aba County:

Great Prayer Festival: January 8 to January 15 according to the Tibetan calendar

Six-Four Festival: June 11 to June 17 according to the Tibetan calendar

Zachong Festival: September 15 to September 17 according to the lunar calendar

Horse Race Festival: Middle of July according to the lunar calendar

The transportation to and inside Aba County is quite convenient, and Aba County itself is the biggest transportation junction in the prefecture.

There are long distances buses heading for Aba from Chengdu City, Mianyang City, Songpan County, Ma'er Kang County, Jinchuan County, Wenchuan County, Hongyuan County, Heishui County and Xiangtang County every day.

But usually, there is just one bus each day that goes to Aba County.

Recommended course in Aba County:

Downtown Aba County - Gerdeng Monastery (northwestern Aba County) - Longzang Tala Tibetan Village (3 miles away) - Langtong View Platform (2 miles away) - Langyi Monastery (1 mile away) - Wa'erma, Maikun Tibetan Village (1 mile away)

Viewing platforms in Aba County (the best place to watch a sunrise) - Wa'erma Maikun Tibetan Village (6 miles away) - Langyi Monastery (1 mile away) - Gemo Monastery (15 miles away) - Downtown of Aba County (12 miles away)

Chali Monastery (15 miles away from downtown) - Shenzuo Girls Tibetan Village (6 miles away) - Anshen Lake (3 miles away) - Anqiang (3 miles away) - Aba downtown (28 miles).

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