Winter escape package

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Updated: 2007-01-30 09:07

Winter escape package People who get sick in winter are usually those who are stressed out. To stay healthy, one should make an effort to activate the relaxation response every single day.

Mandara Spa understands such needs in this rigorous season and is divulging its treasured secrets for staying healthy and energetic throughout the holidays and beyond.

Asia's leading spa operator is providing its "Winter Escape" package for both men and women at its JW Marriott Hotel Shanghai location. For women, it includes a one-hour Harmonizing Hot Oil Massage, Hot Stone Honey and Black Sesame Facial with warming ginger tea and cookies.

The men's package features the same Harmonizing Hot Oil massage and Warm Honey and Salt Body Scrub or Hot Stone Facial.

"We blend highly concentrated, organic essential oils of ginger, cinnamon and clove with heated sweet almond oil for our Harmonizing Hot Oil Massage" said Mandara Spa Manager Lyndell Nelis.

She said the combination was to balance the temperature of the body and blood vessels which are usually closer to the skin surface in winter to keep us warm, heating muscles and the skin's surface and eradicating sore, aching muscles.

"The effects of ginger have been noted throughout Oriental culture and other cultures. It is internally warming, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, blood purifying and soothing on the gastrointestinal tract, particularly the stomach lining," Nelis said.

Cinnamon is a spice that is considered nature's perfect insulator - helping you keep warm when you are cold and cool when you are overheated. It's revered for its ability to bring about equilibrium. Clove oil, when applied topically to the skin, produces a numbing effect and penetrates deeply into muscular tissue to alleviate sore, aching muscles, according to Nelis.

The therapist applied the fragrant oil on my body and used Swedish movements to work on my tired and stressed muscles. The overall effect was mesmerizing and hypnotic.

The next step was the hot stone facial using Jurlique's organic skincare to gently cleanse and exfoliate. The therapist then did a special drainage massage technique using heated small facial stones to help return the blood vessels back to normal.

"As our face is constantly exposed to the cold temperatures and windy conditions in winter, blood vessels can swell and rise to the surface, sometimes breaking if you have sensitive skin," Nelis said. "This can cause unsightly broken capillaries or ruddy, red cheeks and face."

By using heated (warm, not too hot) stones to massage, this helps the elasticity of the skin and capillaries to remain flexible and strong, so they don't get damaged by over exposure.

After the massage, the Jurlique deep penetrating cream mask mixed with honey and black sesame was applied on the face for 10 minutes. My face was so hydrated after the facial.

Mandara Spa will donate 100 yuan (US$12.87) to Second Chance Animal Aid as well as Roots and Shoots for each package. Mention the word "charity" when making a booking and the spa will offer 25 percent off the regular price of 1,200 yuan. The two-hour session costs 900 yuan.

Mandara Spa
Address: 6/F, 399 Nanjing Road W.
Tel: 5359-4969 ext 6798, 6799
Opening Hours: 10am-10pm


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