Weird but effective

Updated: 2007-01-25 14:44

In terms of body building, some people like to go with the flow. From the popular Yoga to Pilates, these people take interest in every prevalent exercise. But there is also a crowd that prefers to go against the flow. They behave distinctively and go in for some uncommon exercises, creating an endless array of new exercises.

               Weird but effective
Exercises such as the crawl, handstands, and walking backwards are called 'Abnormal Body-building Practices'. Though it may sound strange, these exercises are actually a great way to tone your body!

But are these the exercises for you? Try them…if you can!

Weird but effectiveCrawl

Scientists have found that when crawling, the toxins in a person's head and heart decrease, which improves blood circulation and aids the respiratory system. Crawling also strengthens the muscles in your back and helps with back and waist problems.


1) Before crawling, warm up by stretching your arms and legs.
2) Don't put too much weight on your knees and try to keep your balance.
3) Crawl for at least 30 minutes to get the ultimate benefits.
Weird but effective
Walking backwards

Walking backwards has many benefits for office workers as this kind of exercise can give you energy and reduce your chances of'misshapen spine. Walking backward every day increases balance, motor skills, and reaction time. Walking backward also exercises your waist muscles, and boosts your metabolism.


1) For maximum benefits, walk at least 200 steps backwards.
2) This exercise is especially suited to those who don't exercise regularly. It also boosts your energy levels.

Running in the water

Water provides four times the resistance of air, and running in water is a great way to build up your muscles.


1) Make sure you warm up before this exercise.
Weird but effective2) When you begin this exercise, gradually speed up your movements from walking to jogging and then running.
3) The depth of the water should be appropriate; usually the surface of the water should be just across your chest.


In ancient times, handstands were a good way for monks to build up their bodies and stay strong and healthy. Now people know there are even more benefits to the handstand, it decreases stress, keeps the mind clear and increases blood circulation.


1) Try to keep your legs straight in the air when doing handstands.
2) This exercise is not suitable for those who with high blood pressure or heart disease.

Edited by KK Zhao


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