'Forevermark' on diamonds

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Updated: 2007-01-09 09:05

"Forevermark" diamonds are not only forever, but they are also personalized with a unique and invisible - to the naked eye - identification number. And now only available in China and Japan, writes Michelle Zhang.

Life is all about the endless pursuit of better things. A diamond is forever. But that's not enough, at least not for Asian women.

They want a diamond that says "forever" and is unique and numbered. A diamond among diamonds. Now they can buy one.

Last Friday, Diamond Trading Company (DTC), a division of the world's leading diamond miner and marketer De Beers Group, announced the official launch of diamonds bearing the "Forevermark" on the Chinese mainland.

Diamonds with this unique mark are only available in China and Japan for the time being.

The "Forevermark" is composed of a special rhombus symbol and an identification number that is inscribed on the table facet of diamonds over 0.30 carats, which is invisible to the naked eye. The actual size of the mark is only 1/20 of a micron deep (1/500 the thickness of a human hair). So a "Forevermark" diamond is not only be forever, but also personalized.

At the inauguration party at the Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai in the People's Park, 10 elite Chinese models, including the supermodel du jour Du Juan, displayed exquisite diamond jewelry composed of 7,956 diamonds weighing 401 carats, worth of 27 million yuan (US$3.46 million). There were more bodyguards than models. Each model was escorted by a group of bodyguards as soon as she stepped onto the runway.

These diamonds that last for more than a lifetime were designed by leading Chinese jewelers, such as Chow Sang Sang and Chow Tai Fook, especially for the event. The most precious stones were cut into intricate shapes of blossoms, leaves, drops and butterflies, as well as the traditional shapes of hearts, squares and circles.

Du wore a complicated 628,800-yuan five-string necklace and a pair of pendant earrings, a bit heavy for a 19-year-old. Right after the show, the brilliant Shanghai girl was to fly to New York to shoot for Time magazine - the first Chinese model to appear on the cover of Time.

Marilyn Monroe once said that "diamonds are a girl's best friend." Du agreed: "Every girl loves diamonds. Diamonds represent people's longing for beautiful things and foreverness."

The former ballerina preferred simple and lively designs that focused on a single diamond.

Jamie Mordaunt, global project manager of forevermark in DTC, said the company attaches great importance to the wedding ring market in China and will focus on the single diamond design.

China's diamond market has been booming and the company's sales increased about 60 percent last year, said Mordaunt.

To mark the launch of "Forevermark," DTC crafted a piece made of 72 0.3-carat diamonds weighing 28.19 carats and worth 2.88 million yuan.

Diamonds with a "Forevermark" are available at leading Shanghai jewelry retailers, such as Chow Sang Sang, Chow Tai Fook, TSL and Hiersun Diamond Palace, among others.


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