Caffeine kick

By Ye Jun (China Daily)
Updated: 2007-01-08 14:23

This new UBC chain is a good alternative to Starbucks for those in need of a formulated caffeine boost. And unlike most Starbucks branches in Beijing, it also happens to be nice and quiet.

The Taiwanese chain has more than 60 branches across the capital. But the newly opened chain at Ziguang Development Building of Chaoyang District is decorated differently from any other branch. All seats are comfortable sofas. Yellow gauze curtains divide the different sections. It is split into two sections, with the south facing section catching the sunlight until the late afternoon and a part with French windows looking out of the west of the building.

There are an extensive range of coffees to choose from, including 12 pure coffees and 22 blended coffees. There are more expensive options such as Belgian and Macha coffees and cheaper options such as Brazilian and Columbian coffees. The prices range from 25-168 yuan.

For punters willing to fork out for the 168 yuan or 108 yuan options, there is a fancy DIY coffee boiling instrument that automatically extinguishes and mixes the drink when it is ready. The coffee inside can be boiled twice and is enough for 10 small cups.

As well as good coffee there is also plenty of fruit juice, tea, ice smoothies, wine, spirits and cocktails. There is also an extensive fast food menu including beef, pork and chicken steaks, salads, sandwiches and spaghetti. The list of Taiwanese and Hong Kong-style foods dishes is even longer, with terrine, hot pot, iron plate dishes with rice, and rice in a bamboo barrel or wrapped with lotus leaves. A set meal costs 22-38 yuan.

UBC Ziguang Dasha branch
Open time: 8am-1am.
Location: 2/F B2-201, Ziguang Development Building, 11 Huixin Dongjie, Chaoyang District. Tel: 010-64823228


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