Concert by Mantovani

(Ticket One)
Updated: 2007-01-08 10:26

Beijing music fans have the chance to enjoy the most popular light music ensemble with fluent, elegant melody and splendid sound created by Annunzio Paolo Mantovani. Born 1905, in Venice, Mantovani was born into a music household and his father performed as a violinist in the Toscanini Ensemble. Being taught the piano and music theory while his youth, Mantovani moved to London with his family in 1912 and then continued his music education there. Being a featured violinist and condutor, Mantovani and his orchestra toured in Europe and United States regularly. In 1940, Mantovani signed with Decca, which would be his label for the next 33 years.

Mantovani developed the lush sound that he became famous for the "cascading strings" effect. This emphasis on the string section that was his signature became a hallmark of "easy listening" music. Fully understanding the presentation of violin, he improved the featured orchestra performing which is a liquid freshener comparing with the hilarious pop music. In all, Mantovani had recorded over 50 albums of his distinct brand of light orchestral music since the early 1950s, and most of them are widely appreciated by popularity for which he is called the "hits maker".

Place: Great Hall of the People
Date: 7:30pm, February 7
Price: RMB 180(out),280,380,680,880,1000(680*2),1280,1680(VIP)
Tel: 010-84085551