A steamy shopping list

(Beijing Today)
Updated: 2007-01-08 09:41

As the East 17 song goes, "Rise to the top, never stop. Drop like cream. You bring the body, and I'll bring the steam!" I thought long and hard before I figured out what he was bringing to his girlfriend...a humidifier! After seeing a blue monster of a humidifier in my college, I decided to do a page on humidifiers this week.

1. Double dragon humidifier

Two dragons? Evil or good? It's time for you to take sies! Sadly, I think this is designed more as an art piece than as a humidifier. Shouldn't powerful dragons be hurling fire from their mouths? How do they end up spitting steam? When the dragons blow fire at each other, i must work something like a humidifier.

Available: apexrg.com

Price: US$29.80

2. Yadu humidifier

I'm recommending this only becuse it's by Yadu. They've always provided excellent after-sale service, and their products are very easy to use. The label includes many colorful and pretty products, but also many simple, useful ones. If you want a hudifier that looks nice and runs well, try Yadu. It's the best humidifier brand in Beijing.

Available: Yadu shelf, B/1 Sunshine Plaza, Anli Lu, Yayuncun, Chaoyang

Price: 100-600 yuan (varies by type)

3. CyClops water

This page is printed in grayscale so you can't see the color on this one. It has a lovely light blue tint-just like a pool of fresh spring water. Put it in your bedroom to hear the call of nature while you sleep. It looks like the color of Aquarius. "Aquarius is stardust. It calls your name and you listen-and it steals your soul."

Available: F/5 Soshow Shopping Mall, Chongwenmen Wai Dajie, Chongwen

Price: 299 yuan

4. Humidifier by Plus

Minus Zero version 3

White, yellow, blue, green, orange-five colorful rings. Think you're competing in the Olympic Games? I think they look more like chocolate-covered doughnuts. Want a bite? I have no idea what the difference between a version 2 and version 3 humidifier is. To be honest, I couldn't find a version 2.

Available: compact-impact.com

Price: US$279



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