Welcome the 'Russian Year of China' with a feast

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Updated: 2007-01-08 09:37

The wine list is extensive, so is the list of favored vodkas. Flavors for the latter range from raspberry, apricot, citrus, black currant to butterscotch or chocolate.

For dessert, The Elephant offers classic choices such as cream caramel that is not too rich or eggy. There's also chocolate mousse. If you like cake, white chocolate mouse cake with raspberry sauce and chocolate mocha is your match.กกกก

Branch one: B1/F Hua Sheng Plaza at Yabaolu Market area, Chaoyang

Open: 12pm-2am

Tel: 010-5120 6758

Cost: 100 yuan per person

Branch two: No 93 Toutiao, Chaoyangmen Wai (north to the Ya Tai Plaza at Yabaolu Market area), Chaoyang

Open: 12pm-2am

Tel: 010-8561 4073

Cost: 100 yuan per person


Traktirr, which means "little pub" in Russian, is really difficult to find. "We don't want to put a sign on the door as everybody already knows it," Chexin, the restaurant owner, explains.

Founded in 1994 at Yabao Lu, Traktirr has been around for more than 10 years. Requested by the Russian Embassy officials, it moved to Dongzhimen Nei Dajie in 2001. The restaurant mainly serves Russian family dishes.

Chen recommended a whole set of special Russian dishes for us, starting with the cold dish Red Caviar on a Baguette (12 yuan).

This was followed by Borsch (12 yuan), mixed with beef and some vegetables, a dish Russians are proud of.

A salad is a must. Capital Salad (14 yuan) has ox tongue, which makes the taste very strange, but worth a try. The main dish was Chicken Kiev (30 yuan), chicken meat rolled in butter and vegetables-very nutritious. The food's name comes from Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

The most recommended dessert was Crepes with Apples (14 yuan). Ever imagined apple fried with sugar and butter? Yes, you can use your imagination when you try this dish. "Europeans love this thing," Chen said. Of all the discoveries in the restaurant, I found Chen the most interesting. He is good-looking, elegant, and carefully explained everything to me.

"If you are working out, Russian dishes are very suitable, as they contain less salt and more beef," Chen said.

Where: 1 Section A, Xiyangguan Hutong, Beizhongjie, Dongzhimen Nei Dajie, Dongcheng

Open: 9am-midnight

Tel: 010-6403 1896

Cost: 50 yuan per person



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