Absinthe mood

Updated: 2007-01-05 09:34

If you're suitably intrigued by the spirit of absinthe, it's time to go flying with la fee verte, and for me to introduce Tara 57, Shanghai's newest and most exciting cocktail lounge.

The teeny tiny room above Boona cafe and opposite JZ on Fuxing lu only has four tables, two coat stands, and a few bar stools all set around a well stocked bar. But small is very, very beautiful in Tara's case, because standing behind the encyclopedic bar is the cocktail professor himself, Markus, holding a copy of his 150 odd cocktail long drinks list. Absinthe? A choice of three brands, and no less than twenty absinthe based cocktails. Not in the mood for absinthe? How about my favorite vodka, Zubrowka, impossible to get in Shanghai but hey, Markus has a bottle. Doesn't tickle your fancy? No worries, Markus will whisk up an off-list cocktail according to your taste.

Given the recent decline in quality at Jade at 36 and the persistently mediocre cocktails across most bars in town (save for Vault Bar, Glamour, and a few others), Tara 57 is now one of Shanghai's premier destinations for those who know and love their drinks. Friday's don't require the "where do I go" decision any more given the 38rmb absinthe drinks at the green fairy night, and Saturdays are pretty damn tempting too with a montecristo No. 4 and drink for 128rmb. There's not a lot more to say about this place, except, see you on Friday, and don't forget to bring your wings.

Tara 57
Address: 2F, 57 Fuxing Xi Lu, opposite JZ Club, near Yongfu Lu
Tel: 021-64317027


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