Exhibit on 'May Day' stardom

(shanghai daily)
Updated: 2007-01-05 09:21

From an anonymous singing group to an iconic rock band, the popular Taiwanese band May Day has enjoyed spectacular growth in the past seven years.

The five-member group's retrospective exhibition at the Oriental Pearl TV Tower provides a look at the young artists' rise and their passion for music.

Photographs, video clips, musical instruments and musical scores are on display.

The museum of the group's idol, John Lennon of the The Beatles, inspired this exhibition.

"We don't want to be called 'stars,"' says vocalist and songwriter Ashin Chan. "Like other music lovers, we live under the same sky. We are happy to have this opportunity to share our stories, feelings and experiences on the path of art."

First known through the songs "Hug" and "Rainbow," the performers are not handsome idols but they are amiable, easy-going, talented, with a lively expressive force.

Their songs in a powerful and unconstrained style are mainly about young people's lives, concerns and love affairs.

Their latest CD "Born to Love" has a majestic flavor and conveys the band's gratitude and best wishes to its loyal fans.

Date: through January 7, 11am-9pm
Address: International News Center of Oriental Pearl TV Tower, 1 Century Ave., Pudong
Admission: 88 yuan
Tel: 021-3218-0120


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