Men's skin care in focus

By Patsy Yang (shanghai daily)
Updated: 2006-12-26 09:07

In more innocent times, men's skin care was about splashing on a bit of your dad's aftershave and heading out for the evening. Those days, however, are long gone as new breed of modern men are pampering themselves with top-notch products that promote total skin care.

With that in mind, L'Oreal Paris has recently introduced "Men Expert" to China, in a complete line of products to keep skin feeling supple and healthy looking.

The needs of men's skin differs from their female counterpart so L'Oreal has used its extensive research and technology to create a line for this unique skin physiology.

Unlike women, men have thicker and oilier skin, more prominent pores and their face suffers from regular shaving.

The L'Oreal range features the Active Defense System, a combination of active ingredients that increases the skin's resiliency and helps it to withstand the daily assaults.

The whole line is designed to address the needs of each man's skin as he ages. The six different skin care products are designed to fight signs of aging, to soothe skin after shaving and to keep skin hydrated.

The line is incredibly well priced at 39 yuan (US$4.99) to 120 yuan and available in department stores and supermarkets. With six different products that each incorporate technology to meet the unique needs of the male skin, men of all ages can treat and care for the body's largest organ with sophisticated products that are conveniently sold and priced.


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