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Updated: 2006-12-20 09:02

Hand-crafted for your feet

It's not just that one foot is right and one foot is left. Each foot is different from the other and so it deserves its very own shoe.

Italian traditional shoemaker Silvano Lattanzi and his staff produce 20 pairs of shoes every day, each bearing his signature in ink, just as an artist signs his paintings or a fine craftsman signs his designs.

More than half of the shoes are made to order by customers from all over the world - and now you can order them in Shanghai.

Lattanzi's new shop is in the prestigious Xintiandi, where traditional Italian craftsmen fly in every month to measure customers' feet.

Back in Italy, each pair of Lattanzi shoes goes through more than 200 operations from the selection of the leather to leaving the shoes for more than a week to shape themselves on a shoe tree.

Lattanzi has always made shoes with a guardolo, a leather strip carefully worked and furrowed by small regular cuts that goes together with the stitches of the seam. The shoes with a guardolo are the Rolls Royce of shoes.

Each "Rolls Royce" takes about three months and costs 50,000 yuan (US$6,250) on average.

Look carefully for these details: the perfectly parallel double seams, all the stitches of the same length, the accurately spaced little holes, the fine piping hiding seams.

Another recommendation would be Salvatore Ferragamo's customized tramezza shoes at the leading Italian shoemaker's flagship store at the Shanghai Center.

An exclusive item on personal order, the tramezza shoes are made of the finest materials, environmentally safe glues and dyes and vegetable tans. It ensures full waterproofing and natural suppleness.

Make your own combinations and adaptations from a range of colors, styles and materials: from skin printed to brushed, from suede to varnished, from ostrich to alligator, from moccasins to balmorals. Prices range from 12,800 to 67,500 yuan.

It usually takes 60 days for the ideal shoes with engraved initials to be delivered to your door. Enjoy the moment when you open the box and slip on your super shoes.

Silvano Lattanzi
Address: Store B, 222 Madang Rd
Tel: 5382-9502

Salvatore Ferragamo

Address: Store A02, Shanghai Center, 1376 Nanjing Rd W.
Tel: 6279-8838


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