Scents for the solstice

(Beijing Today)
Updated: 2006-12-19 09:30

The dry air of winter needs something to perk it up. The old saying, "Love me; love my dog," probably means if you love me, then you should tolerate my dog's smell. If you need something more potent than your gym socks to mask Fido's winter odor, consider this potpourri of potpourris.

Scents for your person

1 Jasmine-scented mobile phone decoration

It is only as big as a toenail, but it certainly smells. A bottle of wishes, jasmine perfume inside, messages from your girlfriend... it all seems so perfect ? Just except it will break if you squeeze too tightly. The bottles also come in rose, lilac and lily scents.

Available: QQ shop, 100m north of Beijing Forestry University's east gate.
Price: 5-10 yuan

2 Lilac necklace

A lilac-scented necklace? I wonder how long the smell will last-but I'm a big boy and can't wear such a girly necklace. This isn't a promotion, but for all the girls reading this, try it and let me know how long it lasts. I'll reward you.

Price: 258 yuan, 58 yuan (Joyo member price)

For the love shack

3 Scented golf bag

The shop owner opened the cover and I found pieces of ugly, yet pleasant smelling tree bark inside. Must be for a boy's room! Imagine what people would say if they saw a floral bag in a boy's room. "You're such a freak!" Leave it with something as 'manly' as a golf bag, you can rest assured this won't happen.

Available: Hello Shop, No 52 Xisi Bei Dajie, Xicheng
Price: 40 yuan

4 Fragrant candles

These candles are a new IKEA product specially designed for winter. They come in heart, tree, angel and flower shapes, but all of them smell great in your bedroom. Mmm ... I hope these candles can bring me a Merry Christmas!

Available: IKEA, No 59 Futongdong Dajie, Northwest corner of Siyuan Qiao, Chaoyang
Price: 9.9-39 yuan

Masking culinary  

5 Wine bottle air freshener

Once upon a time there was a princess who found a prince. After they were married, she turned into a desperate housewife who had to cook for her husband every day. One day, her husband couldn't stand her cooking any more; the food stunk so bad nothing could overpower its reek except this magical air freshener.

Available: Hello Shop, No 52 Xisi Bei Dajie, Xicheng
Price: 40 yuan



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