Loewe, Trussardi open third store

By Michelle Zhang (shanghai daily)
Updated: 2006-12-12 09:13

Spanish fashion house Loewe and Italian fashion house Trussardi both have opened their third stores in Shanghai as part of their plans to dramatically expand in the China market, writes Michelle Zhang.

In China, the number "8" is considered a symbol of fortune, and it has proved just as popular with international fashion houses such as Loewe and Trussardi.

Both Loewe and Trussardi launched their new stores in Shanghai last Friday - the auspicious December 8. The stores were the third stores for each house.

"This year is a year of harvest for Loewe in China," says Alberto Puyol, CEO and president of Loewe. "We have renovated the store in Beijing, opened a new store in Chendu and now the new store at Shanghai's Citic Square.

"We have brought a brand new store concept to this Shanghai boutique to provide the Chinese customers with the most pleasant shopping experiences at Loewe."

The 89-square-meter Citic Square store is already Loewe's third store in Shanghai, the other two are at Plaza 66 and City Plaza. Puyol says he sees great potential for the China market and the Spanish fashion house is planning to open stores in more cities next year.

A fashion show was organized at a fancy restaurant at Citic Square for both media and VIP guests to preview Loewe's spring and summer collection.

A group of 1960s-inspired "angels" - bare skinned, scant makeup, no jewelry - paraded the new collection featuring clean lines and angular shapes.

The miniskirts, sandals and set-on-curls hair - all signatures of the 1960s - were reinterpreted on Loewe's runway by the girls wearing primarily white cotton, soft linen, smooth nappa (goat) and crocodile leathers.

Pistachio green is infused with soft pastel hues, and earthy beige is textured with silver threads. Terracotta prints are interwoven with splashes of orange. These colors mark the beginning of a new year.

Simple cut togas and tunic dresses are the basic items. Asymmetrical lines and space-age white pipings elongate the female body. Light-as-air suede is turned inside out on a stylized poncho.

To celebrate, Loewe also unveiled its latest "napa.aire" collection. Supple and fluid, the handbags are said to be inspired by the wind. The virtually weightless bags are made of the finest nappa of Pyrenean goats and are made with no buckles or rings, so there is no metal on the bags. The collection comes in four sizes and 14 colors, seven in the stores and seven made-to-order.

Italian classic fashion brand Trussardi is also expanding in China by opening another store at Times Square - the third Trussardi store in Shanghai besides the other two at Citic Square and Hongqiao Friendship Mall.

Trussardi invited famous Chinese actress Huang Yi and actor Yu Xiaowei to the ribbon-cutting ceremony and brought a real greyhound, the most elegant and fastest of all dogs. The greyhound is also the logo of the Italian fashion brand.

Covering 100 square meters, the store is inspired by walnut, leather and crystal, offering customers an elegant shopping environment. It has a full collection of autumn and winter wear for men and women.

Trussardi has 30 clothing stores and nine stores for the home line in China. It plans to open flagship stores showcasing the Trussardi lifestyle in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong.


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