A taste of Africa

Updated: 2006-11-30 11:23

At the beginning of November, the whole of Beijing was busy with the Sino-Africa summit. Now the summit is over, yet African culture has just started penetrating into the city. Bright in color, simple in design, exotic African artwork and products have gradually found their way into Chinese homes. To have a piece of Africa in your own house, try some of the suggestions listed below.

Touch Africa

The earliest African artwork shop in Beijing, Touch Africa opened its doors in 2000 and specializes in various artworks and accessories from all over the African continent.

The most outstanding characteristic of Touch Africa is its all-inclusiveness. Surrounded by rhythmic African music, clients are easily dazzled by the various African masks and statues of gods from western African countries like Mali, Cameroon and Nigeria, bronze wares from Benin, handmade knitted cloth from Congo, wooden carvings from Tanzania, stone carvings from Zimbabwe as well as various bone accessories and musical instruments.

Prices of various artworks can go as high as three to four thousand yuan and as low as RMB 200. The cheapest African accessories like red bean necklaces are onlyseveral yuan apiece. Yet a Kenyan Masai neck-ring may cost RMB 200.

Touch Africa is dedicated to the popularization of African culture in China. It has worked out a pretty comprehensive pamphlet introducing exotic African customs. The pamphlet includes over 300 pictures and 20,000 words, and can be borrowed if you want to have it copied. Touch Africa also holds regular exhibitions of its new products.

Touch Africa has earned a good name for itself since it opened and has maintained a good relationship with various African embassies.

Beijing stores
Location: 3/F Orient Home, Laiguangying, Chaoyang District
Tel: 010-84950637

Location: Z301-Z302 Jinyuan Shidai Shopping Mall, No.1 Yuandalu, Haidian District
Tel: 010-88875615

Location: Business Center 1/F, China Millennium Monument, Jia No.9, Fuxinglu, Haidian District
Tel: 010-68513322 ext 6140

Location: No.44 Laitaihuajie, Chaoyang District
Tel: 010-84487110

Shanghai store
Location: Room F108, 2/F Caojiadu Flower Birds and Antiques Market, No.33 Wanhang Duhoulu
Tel: 13321937328



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