Tailored suits

Updated: 2006-11-23 10:39

Have a copy of your favourite suit made up for next to nothing at Shanghai's biggest fabrics market.

Choose a fabric from over 100 stall-holders first. Beware of fakes: genuine silk should cost between 25-35 yuan per metre; cashmere 80-120 yuan per metre. Choose buttons and zips with care.

Every stall has a tailor, and you should expect at least two fittings. Take a Chinese speaker with you; very few tailors speak English.

To find a ready-made shirt, go to Maoming Rd, between Huai Hai Rd and Changle Rd, where a string of upmarket tailors sell good shirts, suits and ties.

Donjiadu Rd Fabric Market
Location: At the junction of South Zhongshan Rd and Donjiadu Rd
Open: 8am-5pm


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