Brand among the brandless

Updated: 2006-11-21 15:52

On Changle Rd (around Cheng Du Lu) is a flood of funky, designer-esque clothing stores. It's a street you can't help but love because you can basically buy anything you're looking for, from a cozy jacket, jewelry to a tattoo. One Seventh, G, Nicotine and Sex in the City (possible lawsuit pending), have a great selection of clothes for 20-something females and males. They actually have jeans without bobble add-ons, plain black dress shirts and nice tan trench coats. Most of the stores on the street have the normal wacky Shanghai garb, i.e. bows with buttons and fur, but many also have a great selection of stuff you¡¯d find in North American stores.

New to the street is a store called Eno. Born in late October, it stands out compared to most of the other stores, for one it's bigger and its design is pretty pimped out. From the outside you can see a "ski lift"type of apparatus showcasing some of their merchandise. Apparently some passersby have mistaken Eno for a Japanese restaurant because of the revolving sales rack... Righhhtt. In a city where the stores are usually quite cramped and consist of a room that's only 8ft by 8ft, Eno is a welcome change.

The second floor showroom is big and bright, thanks to the two giant skylights and the glass window looking out onto the street. Eno doesn't sell random articles compiled from all over China, it's a brand. Their clothing line can basically be summed up as sporty and laid back. Everything is printed with one-of-kind designs made by local and foreign artists. Plain white t-shirts are refreshed with drawings and artwork instead of flashy logos (averaging 280rmb). Sweatshirts average in price for 400rmb and the cute Eno brand notebooks cost 25rmb. As a bonus, the staff is quite helpful and can speak a decent amount of English.

The best part about this store is... it's multi-functional. It combines shopping, a good atmosphere and coffee all in one space. The cafe is up a small set of stairs that also serve as the seating area, partnered with a DJ booth. I think the stair seating concept is a turnoff to some people, but for me, it's the good kind of ghetto. The drinks are tasty and reasonably priced; Watermelon Smoothie 15rmb, Pear Juice 12rmb or a yummy Cappuccino for 14rmb, among others. The store also holds a party every Wednesday night called Live on Changle Lu. They have a different DJ every week, among a house DJ, playing underground, hip-hop, down tempo and more. They sell drinks but advocate partiers to BYOB.

The store opens from 10am to 10pm, but the party runs from 7pm to 9pm.

If you've got a day off or you're bumming around the city looking for some stuff to buy, definitely check out Changle Rd.

Location: 139-23 Changle Lu
Tel: 021-63860120


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