100,000 wine cellars for Chinese middle class

Updated: 2006-11-15 10:18

A Canada-based International Wine Cultural Promotion Association (IWCPA) plans to present 100 thousand wine cellars to Chinese middle class families before 2006 Christmas, hoping to promote Western wine culture in China. These wine cellars with high appreciation values are specially designed for Chinese market, which can also keep constant temperature and humidity. The total value of these cellars amounts to 500 million yuan (US$63 million).

Stephen, a senior representative of IWCPA China region, says currently thousands of social celebrities, entrepreneurs and white collars in China possess great consuming power, many of them hoping to drink high quality wines with low spirits. He believes raki or sherry with pure taste can be their first choice.

Although China produces a great amount of wine every year and its wine market is expanding, real wine culture has failed to take shape. Most people don't know how to appreciate wine and where to preserve it. The average per capita consuming amount of wine in China is mere a 0.5 liter, or one fifteenth of world average. Chinese people drink a much more greater amount of beers and traditional white spirits than wines. Moreover, none of Western wine brands are influential in Chinese market, thus it is hard to promote Western wine culture there.

Stephen reveals that IWCPA will not only send cellars and wine magazines, but also set up a professional wine consultation group, which can further cultivate more wine collectors among Chinese middle class. If everything goes well, these middle class families can get their cellars before 2007.


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