Jamaican nights

(China Daily)
Updated: 2006-11-10 09:47

The Kingstonesque set-up of Upsetter's Bar provides a reggae environs that will leave patrons asking, "Is this love that I'm feeling?"

The syncopated backbeats of reggae set the tone for carefree boozing in this tiny tavern. Clad in a Jamaica National Team football jacket, barman Laurent Fleurquin of Paris serves up plenty of ska, rock steady and dub between 10-yuan Tsingtao, and 15-yuan imported beers and spirits that range from 20-25 yuan. In addition to more obscure Jamaican jams, his musical library includes the complete collection of works by iconic Rastaman Bob Marley, from "Africa United" to "Zion Train."

Once the establishment gets on its feet, Fleurquin plans to bring live bands to the bar to help stage Beijing's reggae revolution a scene that is emerging in the capital city's bars.

Isolated from the rest of the dives on the Houhai Nanyan strip, this newly opened establishment has renovated the former location of Harbour Bar, replacing the previous occupant's dark and dreary colour scheme with the vibrant yellow, green and black of the Jamaican flag.

Reed dividers separate the four clusters of couches that make up the inside seating area, so that bands of boozers can enjoy a bit of privacy. A lakeside seating area provides a scenic spot for the bar's almost even mix of foreigners and Chinese to enjoy a few drinks.

With reggae reverberations, budget booze and a location away from the clamour of Houhai Nanyan's main strip, Fleurquin has created a place for Beijing's bar-goers to get together and feel all right.

Address:1-3 Houhai Nanyan, Xicheng District. 500 metres west of Yinding Bridge, across from Imperial Caf.
Tel: 010-6615-5082.


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