Flashy nightclub on a strip

(That's shanghai)
Updated: 2006-11-09 11:38

The surprise here is that The House opened its doors in a somewhat unexpected location, launching a flashy nightclub on a strip better known for comfy dives like Freelance and the Eager Beaver.

Yet even in this out of the way clubbing district, The House isn't difficult to miss, painted as it is in a rather violent shade of orange both inside and out. Despite the garish first impression, The House offers a pleasant environment in which to relax with a drink or take a turn on the dance floor. Already, the club draws a consistently large crowd of smartly-dressed, mainly Chinese party-goers. The music is a laid back mix of genres kept at a blessedly reasonable volume so that itĄ¯s possible to carry on a conversation. Though the club's total floor area is small compared to ShanghaiĄ¯s many mega-clubs, the space is well utilized, and the upstairs loft adds extra elbow room. The House well may be the exception to the rule that a nightclub's success is all about location, location, location.

The House
Daily 5:30pm-9am. All cards.
Address: 46 Yueyang Lu, by Yongjia Lu
Tel; 021-6466 7662


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