Eat your fill in shopping malls

Updated: 2006-11-09 11:31

Shopping malls are places to empty your pockets, but they are also a place to fill your stomach. Many big shopping malls in Beijing have their own dining areas. Take a look at the CITYLIFE guide to dining out in a shopping mall.

East Beijing

Fulllink Plaza

Longding Xiangjiang, Le Jazz and Fulouyun are three quality restaurants located on the fourth floor dining area of Fullink Plaza

At Longding Xiangjiang diners can find authentic Cantonese dishes and Hunan dishes in a pleasing atmosphere. The signature dish is Duojiao Yutou (fish head stewed in pepper soup). The average cost is about4 45 RMB per person.

Restaurant chain Le Jazz boasts set meals in a variety of cuisines, Thai, Japanese, American and Italian. A good dining environment and soft background music make it a nice place to take a short rest while shopping.

Fuluoyun features Korean dishes. Cold noodles and Banfan (rice mixed with assorted vegetables) are priced around RMB 50.

Location: 3/F Fulllink Plaza, 18 Chaowai Dajie, Chaoyang District
Tel: 010-65881483

Pacific Shopping Centre

Called Yingke Meishanfang (Yingke means welcoming guests), the five-year-old dining area of Pacific Shopping Centre includes seven well-known restaurants such as Jiaojiangnan which features Sichuan dishes, Dazhaimen, which features ancient Chinese feudal officials' family dishes, Italian L'isola and Japanese Ishii.

Dining at Yingke Meishanfang costs an average of anywhere between 25RMB and 200RMB per person.

Location: Pacific Plaza, Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District
Tel: 010-65393888

South Beijing

Dongfang Xintiandi Department Store

This shopping center has three special dining areas, Dashidai, Meishijie, and Shitongtian located on B1 floor.

Diners may pay cash or swipe cards at the independent restaurants, but all eateries located within require a special card to buy food.

The restaurants don't have washroom facilities, so diners must use the department store facilities.

Location: 1 Dongchangan Jie
Tel: 010-85186363 (Dongfang Xintiandi Department Store)

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