Lin Jun Jie 2006 Beijing Vocal Concert

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Wayne Lin Jun Jie is more commonly known as JJ Lin. He is a Singaporean singer and songwriter of Chinese Fujian descent, and he came to musical prominence and success in the Greater China region, and particularly in Taiwan, where he was awarded the "Best New Artiste" award in the Taiwan Golden Melody Awards.Signed to Ocean Butterflies, he has written songs for various artistes, notably Ji De (Remember) for Taiwanese singer A-Mei, and fellow labelmate A-do's Fang Shou.

Back in Singapore, he was chosen to perform the remixed version of Home, the theme song of the National Day Parade in 2004. His career and notability began to rise astronomically in Singapore particularly with the aid of his music being used in television dramas produced by MediaCorp TV Channel 8, and his increased public appearances, such as being the guest performer in the finals of Channel U's Project SuperStar.

After winning the Gold award in the Best New Act category in the 2004 Singapore Hit Awards, he went on to sweep the 2005 edition with four awards to his name, including the Best Local Male Artiste, Best Composing Artiste, Best Male Vocalist and Best Local Music Composition awards, recognising his talents both in the composition and performance aspects of his music. His latest album, Cao Cao, sold 2 million copies in just two weeks.

Profile of Lin Jun Jie
Name: Lin Jun Jie (JJ)
Birthdate: 27 March 1981
Horoscope: Aries
Religion: Christianity
Place of Birth: Singapore
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Blood Type: O
Dialect Group: Hokkien/Fu Jian
Languages: English, Mandarin
Schools Studied In: Jingshan Primary School, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), St. Andrews Junior College
Instruments Played: Piano, Drums, Guitar
Talents: Composing Songs, Music Arrangement, Singing, Dancing, Writing Poetry, Drawing
Hobbies: Watching Movies, Going Online, Swimming, Basketball, Gaming
Favourite Colours: Navy Blue, Black, White
Favourite Male Singers: Michael Jackson, Craig David, Jacky Cheung, David Tao, Jay Chou, Lee Hom
Favourite Female Singers: Kit Chan, A Mei, BoA
Favourite Groups: Linkin Park(Long-gone), S.H.E
Favourite Actors: Chou Yun Fat, Nicholas Cage, Tony Leung
Favourite Actresses: Fukada Kyoko, Jeon Ji Hyun, Zhang Zi Yi
Favourite Author: William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens
Favourite Book: The Holy Bible
Favourite Food: Drunken Prawns, Plain Rice, Sashimi
Happiest Moments: Being with a person he loves.
Hated Moments: Doing things that are wrong, feeling cheated.

Lin Junjie has released 4 albums since his debut in 2003
10 April 2003 Music Voyager
8 June 2004 Second Heaven
1 April 2005 No.89757
17 February 2006 Cao Cao

2003 Taiwan Golden Melody Awards, Best New Artist
2004 Singapore Hit Awards, Best New Act (Gold)
2005 Singapore Hit Awards, Best Local Male Artiste (No.89757)
Singapore Hit Awards, Best Composing Artiste (No.89757)
Singapore Hit Awards, Best Male Vocalist (No.89757)
Singapore Hit Awards, Best Local Music Composition

Event: Lin Jun Jie 2006 Beijing Vocal Concert
Date: 2007-01-12
Address: Great Hall of the People


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