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Updated: 2006-11-06 10:46

Recently numerous negative rumors have been circulating about various up-scale skin-whitening products claiming that they contain harmful chemicals. Whether these rumors are true or not, time will have the final say. But worry and anxiety are always the biggest obstacles to a beautiful complexion. So as an alternative, why not try some natural herbal skin care products free from chemical additives?

Different herbal plants have different curative effects. Here are some basic tips about some commonly used herbal plants. Read on before rushing to apply just any herbal skin care product to your body.


Lemon, liquorice and bergamot have amazing whitening effects. Mint, aloe and witch hazel are good for controling oil and acne. Neroli, bergamot and geraniums work well to combat wrinkles. Cucumber, rose and camellia help keep skin moist. Green tea, chamomile, rosemary, grapeseed oil and salvia are good anti-oxidants.

Different skin stypes should use different combinations of herbal plants. Try a few different kinds before deciding on the best one for you.

For combo skin
Herbal plants diminish inflammation, moisturize and improve balance. Why not try:
Aloe: diminishes inflammation and softens coarse skin.
French salvia: prevents loss of moisture and improves sebum excretion.
Rosehip: boosts the balance of oil and water.
Mint and lime: tighten skin.

For oily skin
Try herbal plants containing sebum excretion or antibacterial plants such as:
French mint: cools skin and boosts blood circulation
Indian rosehip: helps metabolism.
Lavender: restrains the superfluous excretion of sedum.
Rosemary: eliminates accumulated waste and unblocks pores.

For dry skin
The main challenge for dry skin is to add to and keep the water on the skin's surface.Why not try:
Aloe: diminishes inflammation and softens coarse skin.
Italian immortelle: increases oxygen supply to skin cells.
Evening primrose oil: rich in fatty acids it fights wrinkles and spots.
Rosehip seed oil: prevents water loss.

For sensitive skin
Relaxing and natural herbal plants are best.
German and Roman chamomile: helps fight allergies.
Lavender: relaxes.
Lemon grass: boosts circulation and fights stress.
Tea tree: kills bacteria, covers scars and prevents infection.

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