A pleasant journey for red leaves

Updated: 2006-11-02 14:48

Out of all four seasons, autumn is the most enchanting. The changing colors lend a gracefulness to the season.In late autumn, people will vie with each other to feast their eyes on the stunning red leaves.Xiangshan, a famous autumn scenic spot, is always jam-packed at this time of year. But there are many places around Beijing where people can go to enjoy the red leaves.

Hongluo Temple      

Hongluo Temple is a scenic area combing natural beauty with old architecture. There are more than 40 kinds of trees covering an area of 300 hectares.

Best time to go: late Oct. to mid Nov.
Entrance fee: RMB 30
Location: At the foot of Mount Hongluo, 4km away from the north ofHuairou
Tel: 010-60681639

1)Visitors can spend the night at the Mount Hongluo Holiday Inn. : It costs RMB 198 for a standard room and RMB 388 for a suite.
2) Hongzunyu Yi Tiao Gou is a great restaurant in the area that offers delicious food made with authentic brown trout.

Mutian Yu Great Wall


Mutian Yu Great Wall is the essence of the Ming Great Wall. In this season the majestic dragon seems to be dyed with the red of the leaves.
Best time to go: late Oct. to late Nov.

Location: Mutian Yu tourism area, Huaiirou, Beijing
Tel: 010-61626022
Entrance fee: RMB 40

1) Visitors can buy fresh chestnuts, jujubes and other locally-produced fruits at a low price.
2) The Great Wall Shan Zhaung is a comfortable hotel from where visitors can appreciate scenic views of the Great Wall. Visitors can also stay with local people, who welcome visitors with tasty farm-fresh dishes.



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