Chasing the autumn wind

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3. Fruit-picking routes (Distance: 150km)

Itinerary: Summer Palace--Yangfang (In Changping)--Liucun (In Changping )--Gaoyakou (In Changping)--Da Cun (A village in Fangshan )--Jin Yu Pass (In Pinggu)--Dongfanghong Tunnel (In Mentougou)--Jun Zhuang( In Mentougou)--Moushikou( In Shijingshan)--Hangtian Bridge

Road condition: Most roads are bumpy as almost the entire route is in mountainous areas.

1) This route is perfect for ambitious cyclists. It requires physical strength and stamina. So before you begin this biking adventure, be well prepared.
2) When biking through the Dongfanghong Tunnel, you should take off your sunglasses.
3) October is harvest time for persimmons, pears and jujubes. So en route, you can join the persimmon-picking activities and enjoy a fresh fruit feast. Price for picking: RMB 10-30 per kilogram.

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1. A route through historical towns (Distance: 60km)

Itinerary: Huaihai W. Road--318 National High way--Zhudi--Chonggu--Qinglong Town

Road condition: This ride is as comfortable as the quality of the roads is good.

1) This is an enjoyable tour and the scenery en route varies from others as it leads you through two historical towns-Chongu and Qinglong.
2) The roads in the town are not as broad as those in cities, so watch out for pedestrians.
3) There are many ancient pagodas and temples in the historical towns, which are listed as national cultural relics. Make sure to treat them with the proper respect.

2. Rural route(Distance: 45km)

Itinerary: Xujiahui-Hongqiao Rd.-Huqingping Rd.-Xujing Town-Qingpu Town-Zhujiajiao Twon-Dongfanglvzhou

Road condition: This ride is generally smooth except for the part in Zhujiajiao Town where the road zigzags.

1) This itinerary is known to be the most popular route among people who love the countryside. There are many activities in the town of Zhujiajiao, such as making pottery, weaving cloth and even driving oxcarts. During harvest time, visitors can also help pick vegetables on the farm.
2) On the way, visitors can enjoy "Nongjia Fan", or homestyle country cooking.

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