Chasing the autumn wind

Updated: 2006-10-26 09:27

Autumn is a dreamlike season.The changing color of the leaves turns the world into a fairyland. The cool breeze brings pleasant weather and everything is beautiful. It's ideal weather for going out and getting some exercise, or sightseeing. For office staff with tight schedules, Citylife recommends cycling tours, which are good for both your body and your eyes.


Here are some cycling routes in the suburban areas of Beijing and Shanghai. Now let's cycle and chase the autumn wind together. Great scenery is always en route! 



1. Great Wall route
(Distance: 100km)

Itinerary 1: Jianxiang Bridge--Changping--Ju Yong Pass--Ba Da Ling--Nankou--Yangfang--Summer Palace

Scenic spots en route: Tank Museum--Ju Yong Pass--Ba Da Ling'Summer Palace

Road condition: General quality of the roads is good except those parts around Ju Yong Pass.

1) There are some scenic areas to view the autumn leave around Ba Da Ling, which are good places to take photos from.
2) Cyclists should watch out for pedestrians and vehicles in some of the more famous tourist areas such as Ju Yong Pass and Ba Da Ling.

2. A route beside the lakes (Distance:120km)

Itinerary: The North gate of the Olympic Center--Lishui Bridge--Xiao Tangshan(A town in Changping)--Silver Mountain(In Changping)--Jiudu River(In Huairou)--Huanghua Town(In Huairou)--Sihai Town(In Yanqing)

Scenic spots en route: Silver Mountain -- Huanghua Resevoir

Road condition: Before getting Silver Mountain, there are foothills. From Huanghua town to Sihai, the steep slopes may challenge your biking skills.

1) Silver Mountain, where the Forest of Towers, a famous scenic area, is located, is extraordinarily gorgeous in this season. Entrance fee: RMB 15.
2) 'Small West Lake' is a well known a stunning reservoir in Huanghua Town.. Surrounded by grand mountains, this area is a good place to enjoy the autumn scenery.
3) On the way, there are many restaurants offering delicious dishes made with authentic brown trout.
4) This route is very popular among foreigners.



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