Halloween,let's scream!

(beijing today)
Updated: 2006-10-23 11:22

Halloween. The one day of the year when, legend has it, the dead can rise from their slumber to harangue the living for chocs and sweeties. If I was 'the dead', I'd think about drig a Ferrari, or spending an evening with a supermodel, but I suppose one night doesn't provide a lot of time for planning, so running around begging strangers is the best they can manage. Ho hum. For the rest of us, thewhole thing is a great excuse to get really drunk, which can't be a bad thing.

Pumpkin decoration

Pumpkins were traditionally carved into 'Jack-O-Lanterns' to ward off evil spirits. It's also pretty gratifying takingkitchen knife to the orange lump. I mean the pumpkin of course. Not Dale Winton.

Available: North Exit, 77th Underground Shopping Mall, Xidan, Xicheng
Price: 40-80 yuan each

Pet's Halloween dres

Look at the little doggy - so cute, dressed up as Satan. Of course, try to put any of this stuff on your own pooch and heˇŻll fling it off in seconds and tear holes in it. Mean spirited bastard.

Available: Pet Shop, No. 19 Minwang C, Hepingli Dongjie, Dongcheng
Price: 100-200 yuan on average


Hey look at that guy with an arrow in his head! How come he isn't dead? Because it's an amusing novelty arrow. Perfect for enjoying the Halloween 'knight' life. Bwa-H! [simulated evil laugh.

Available: No. A45 77th Underground Shopping Mall, Xidan, Xicheng
Price: 24 yuan


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