A bar with exterior charm
(City Weekend)
Updated: 2006-08-18 14:38

The elevator ride up to De La Coast can be a long one, especially on a busy Saturday night when the single lurching car hosts an exasperating mix of jostling elbows and near toxic aftershave fumes. Nor is De La Coast's low, narrow fifth floor space a very impressive culmination to the trip.

The steel and glass cage above the bar is attractive, but only exaggerates the hemmed-in feeling. If you start to feel the need for a little personal space, go upstairs to the sixth floor roof garden, and suddenly the venue, along with your headspace, expands. Now you can breathe easy, order a well-mixed Martini and watch the twinkling tourist barges drift down the Huangpu or the darting taxis zipping along the Waibaidu Bridge.

De La Coast may not have much interior atmosphere, but they have exterior charm to spare.

De la coast
Location: 5/F-6/F Yanan Dong Lu, by Zhongshan Dong Lu, the Bund
Opening time: Daily 5pm-2am. All cards.
Tel: 021-63302615