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The mirror lake
Updated: 2006-07-25 15:30

A famous high-mountain lake in China, Jingbo Lake has such clear water that one can see the bottom through and the fish swimming around.
The Jingbo Lake is situated at the boundless range of mountains to the southwest of Ningan County of Heilongjiang Province, 80 km from Mudanjiang City. It is a famous high mountain clogged up lake of China. There is water in the mountains and mountains in the water with charming and gentle scenery. The lake water is so clear that you can see the bottom through the water and fish swimming around.

"Jingbo" means "mirror" in Chinese. According to a legend, a beautiful and kindhearted girl named Hongluo lived here. She had a magic mirror. Wherever disaster occurred, she would flash her magic mirror and restore happiness to the people. The celestial empress wanted to get hold of the mirror and sent a deity to steak it away. Hongluo followed the rays of the mirror to the celestial palace trying to take it back. But in the scramble with the empress, the mirror fell from the sky to the earth-where it instantly became the beautiful "Mirror Lake".

The Jingbo Lake is, in fact, a dammed lake caused by an ancient volcanic eruption during which the Mudan River was blocked by lava. Covering 1,200 square kilometers, the quiet and clear lake is surrounded by towering mountains and dense forests.

Water flowing out from the north bank of the lake forms a waterfall called Diaoshuilou, the biggest in Northeast China. During the overflow period in autumn, the waterfall can reach 25 meters in height and 40 meters in width, flying down from the precipice, which gives rise to clouds upon clouds of water vapor forming one rainbow after another like the Milky Way standing upside down. It can be heard miles away. The scenery is simply magnificent. There is a deep pool below known as Heilong (Black Dragon) Pool in the form of slightly round shape, the diameter of which is 70 meters with a depth of 60 meters.

The Dagu Hill is an isle in the lake. It looks like the back of a water buffalo, which is formed with weathered rocks. Green and luxuriant are the trees on hilltop. Wild flowers are vying with each other among the trees. All this combines to create the cream of the picturesque beauty in the lake.

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