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A hot day means cold noodles
Updated: 2006-07-17 09:18

Especially during the summer, cold noodles become a popular dish for the people of China.

The traditional Shanghai cold noodles are placed next to an electric fan after steamed. While the noodles are cooled, seasonings are added, such as peanut butter and vinegar. You may ask for additional toppings. Toppings come in many varieties, similar to the dishes of a menu, but in a lesser quantity.

In recent years, many different kinds of cold noodles have arrived on menus. You may even have the opportunity to taste cold noodles from other countries. Let's find these opportunities in the city of Shanghai.

Lao Shu Leng Mian (Korean cold noodles)

Situated in downtown Shanghai's Raffles City, the small Korean restaurant was once featured on a TV program. Its cold noodles are sweet and sour, satisfying a summer taste. Heavy eaters should take notice, however, that the noodles are not served in large amounts, and one bowl may not completely satisfy your hunger.

Location: B1 Raffles City, No.268 Xizangzhonglu, Huangpu District

De Xing Noodle Restaurant (Shanghai cold noodles)

This restaurant offers authentic Shanghai noodles, offering various toppings, all of which Shanghai people are familiar with. For example, the stewed pork, fried fish and vegetable toppings are people's favorites on such hot days.

But if you want to go for lunch, you should be prepared to wait outside. The restaurant is always filled with people during this hour.

Location1: No.529 Fujianzhonglu, Huangpu District
Tel: 021-63602866

Location2: No.612 Henanzhonglu, Huangpu District
Tel: 021-63210246

Itoya (Yi Teng Jia, Japanese cold noodles)

The most strongly recommended in Itoya is the Green Tea Flavored Buckwheat Cold Noodles, which arguably taste much better than common noodles. Sea lavors are added to it, making the whole bowl look like a green picture. With a little added shallot, you are almost guaranteed to feel the summer heat goes away.

One other way to have you cold noodles served is with small ice blocks underneath, even more suitable for fighting the heat of summer.

Location: 5F-6F Mei Luo Cheng, No.1111 Zhaojiabanglu, Xuhui District
Tel: 021-64267779

Xin Ya Da Bao

This is a chain restaurant offering many different snacks. Besides the traditional cold noodles, you can also choose the spicy Sichuan Dan Dan Mian. Different from those in other restaurants, it is served in the same style as cold noodles, providing relief for those who like spicy food in the summer.

Since it is a chain restaurant, there are many locations in Shanghai. Just check with telephone number 114, and you can find the one nearest to you.

Saizeriya (Sa Li Ya, Italian cold noodles)

Saizeriya is popular in Shanghai because of its affordable prices. It is said that these noodles must be put into icy water after being steamed. The restaurant has so many customers that a long queue of waiting can often be seen at its gate.

Location1: No.319 Tianyaoqiaolu, Xuhui District
Tel: 021-64642887

Location2: No.429 Guangdonglu, Huangpu District
Tel: 021-63112249

Temple of Saigon (Fei Chang Yue, Vietnam rice noodles)

Temple of Saigon offers Vietnamese food, with the comfort and warmth of an old French-style villa. If you like noodles, don't miss the cold rice noodles. The various vegetable and peanut seasonings are sometimes so effective you may forget its July.

Location: No.1731 Huashanlu, Xuhui District, close to Xujiahui
Tel: 021-62818427 ext. 106