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Try the ice bar this summer
Updated: 2006-07-11 13:50

Shanghai may have a lot of things you don't like - traffic, pollution, tons and tons of people, the list goes on. But there is one thing about the city is particularly liked: nothing is impossible here.

Enter the bar Taste of Scandinavia, where everything is on the rocks -- even the customers. Billed as the first ice bar in China, it has definitely added more diversity to the Shanghai scene. Sitting in a location near Zhongshan Park, the ice bar idea comes straight from Stolkholm, Swede. The 30 square-meter place is built entirely on ice, from the wall to the bar, the stools to the glasses, which are actually big ice cubes. And then there are the decorations -- ice sculptures, of course.

Customers are provided giant Eskimo-style silver parkas and black leather gloves upon arrival, as the temperature inside that bar holds steady at a criisp -11กใ C -- which, sometimes seems to be the average temperature of a Shanghai apartment during winter.

Then you're led through two thick, heavy doors you would expect to find outside a bank vault. The place holds 20 people max, so better make a reservation before you give it a shot. The cover charge is RMB 120.

Ice in the bar melts slightly from daily use and body warmth and will be changed every six months. The cover charge includes one drink, if you can finish it before you can no longer take the cold. Good luck! Fortunately there is also a spacious, warm restaurant and bar outside, serving Scandanavian style food and normal drinks.

Taste of Scandinavia
Location: 99 Huichuan Lu, by Changning Lu.
Tel: 021-52737177