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A Foreigner's map of Shanghai
(Modern Weekly)
Updated: 2006-07-10 16:55

*Dan, American

Jujube Tree  satisfies vegetarian's taste.

Dan is a reporter from America. He has been in Shanghai as a freelance for more than 4 years, and lives close to Nanjing Road. He likes to talk with his neighbors, and enjoys living among local Shanghai people. He also has a website, which has abundant information about life in Shanghai. This site attracts both expats and Shanghai office workers.

Dan once spent 4 months travelling around China, writing about everything that happened during his travels. This is the way he lives and he likes it.

"I came to Shanghai occasionally, and had a good time. The city is a mixture of modern and classical. You'll feel comfortable living here and get everything you need," Matthew says.

Where Dan likes to go in Shanghai:

Jujube Tree: Arguably the best vegetarian restaurant in an American's eye.
Location1: No.77 Songshan Road
Tel: 021-63848000
Location2: No.848 Huangjincheng Road
Tel: 021-62751798
Location3: NO.258 Fengxian Road

Bao Luo Restaurant offers authentic Shanghai food.

Afanti: Afanti serves Xinjiang food, which is more middle eastern than most other Chinese food. Roast mutton and Xinjiang beer are popular favorites. Also enjoyable are the dancing performances that happen after 7pm.

Gu Yi Xiang Wei Nong: This restaurant offers Hunan cuisine. Their food is very good, and Dan often treats guests here.
Location: No.87 Fu Min Road
Tel: 021-62495628/62470758

Bao Luo Restaurant: It is located on Fu Min Road, with a small gate for an entrance. The restaurant is spacious inside, and provides authentic Shanghai food.
Location: No.271 Fu Min Road (by Chang Le Road)
Tel: 021-54037239
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