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Bar for sexy culture-lovers
(City Weekend)
Updated: 2006-07-07 09:34

To be frank, there's not much that needs to be said about the new Glamour Bar's future.

Of course it will be successful. Of course it will continue to be a Shanghai institution that will somehow manage to simultaneously cater to both the Shanghai glitterati and anyone looking for a book discussion, a night of quiet jazz, or a rowdy cabaret show.

But there's much to be said about its new space: It is absolutely divine. The bar is a chrome and crystal formation; floor-to-ceiling windows and a narrow wrought-iron porch offer even more stunning views of the Bund than its previous incarnation.

Fuschia and green sofas float in intimate circles. Hand-painted murals decorate the walls and a separate, strictly-champagne bar churns out dreamy pours. While the old space was a squeeze, the new Glamour can hold up to 200 people, meaning more lucky sophisticates can enjoy the weekly cultural events.

Glamour Bar
Location: 6/F, No. 5 The Bund
Tel: 021-63509988