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Shanghai: Dance on the street
Updated: 2006-07-04 10:40

As a famous song once said, dancing is better than talking, even better than loving someone else. When you dance, all feelings of loneliness disappear. Dancing has become one of the most popular ways for Shanghai people to entertain themselves, says a local newspaper, the Xinwen Evening News.

Unlike the young boys and girls dancing in the clubs, these dancersare mostly middle-aged men and women, preferring to dance outside, in front of shopping malls and in various squares and parks.

Ms. Zhang, a teacher of a dancing school says that more and more people come to the school asking to learn dancing. "Dancing not only puts one in good mood, but is also good for one's health. Different dances have different effects helping certain bodily conditions. For example, a Waltz may ease leg pain, while a Tango is great for those with neck problems." Not to mention that dancing will help you to maintain overall fitness.

Where are the most popular places for Shanghai people to dance?

East Nanjing Road
Time: 6am-9am every morning

Nanjing Road, one of the most famous shopping streets in Shanghai, is always filled with people during the day. It maybe hard for you to imagine, but every morning, this place is full of dancers. The area at the front of the Shanghai No.1 Department Store is especially for Waltz lovers.

Shanghai Exhibition Center
Time: 8am-9am, every Sunday morning

There is a dancing salon in front of Shanghai Exhibition, organized by a group of older people. You may see some of them dressed in more traditional clothing. They often wear old-fashioned suits with a carnation in the pocket.

Jing'an Park
Time: 6am-9am, every morning

Dance lovers like to go to parks to practice dancing, and Jing'an Park is the most famous . Every morning after 6:30, you can find many people dancing there.