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Buffet offers fresh seafood
By Megan Shank (City Weekend)
Updated: 2006-06-21 15:25

Living in Shanghai, one must overcome many prejudices. Case in point? The seafood buffet. But it's time we held hands in unity and admitted that perhaps "fresh" and "buffet" can, in fact, co-exist in harmony and peace.

At Lucky Harbor, for more than a small price, stuff yourself to the gills with an amazing spread of seafood bites, all of which seemed to have just popped into the boat. Peruse traditional sushi and sashimi or sample fusion bites, such as the Philadelphia roll, which pairs cream cheese and salmon and promises to please lox-loving Jews and Gentiles alike. Crabs spread sexy legs over dishes of butter, oysters shine without the pearls, broiled fish greet you at every turn. Visit the barbecue section for the fish (or boneless fish steak) of your dreams, or if you're a meat lover, grab one of the best beef shish kebabs in town. Wash down your meal with free flow soft drinks, beer, wine, tea and fragrant cups of espresso. Afterwards, if you've the inclination, top it off with Haagen Dazs ice cream.

Location: Number 7 Tian An Centre, No. 388 Nanjing Xilu
Tel: 021-64468800
Perfect for: Pescetarian parties