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Air Bar: 34 stories high
(That's Shanghai)
Updated: 2006-06-21 09:43

Before we get too flighty with our review, let us assure you: this bar has lofty ambitions.

Located 34 stories up, Air Bar boasts a 700 sqm roof terrace with BBQ, an outdoor pool, and a 360 degree vista: one unfortunately slightly obscured by plant boxes and a small wall.

Still, there are other distractions on offer; AB offers numerous drinks specials, including a regular "Pink Hour" and the mysteriously titled "Pink Activities."

Needless to add, the color theme here is also pink. With one exception: we're not sure if it's in homage to the recent performance by Mick and the gang, but the lip-shaped urinals are the most attractive toilets we've used in a long time.

Time will tell if AB has a head for heights; but in the meantime, don't miss out on forty licks.

Location: 34/F Summit Apartments, 1066 Yanan Xi Lu, by Panyu Lu
Opening hours: 4:30pm-late. 
Tel: 021-52395409